The 2018 Board Members for the guild are:

Bob Bruso President 727-417-0019
Chuck Vroman Vice President 727-430-5543
David Ness Treasurer 727-421-0146
Lois Brozek Secretary 727-391-2163
Bill Crawford Director 610-462-1286
Maggie Stokes Director 727-644-1807
Phil Noto Director 727-643-5536

Bill Crawford Program Director
Chuck Vroman Off-Cuts Editor

To contact the board members by e-mail, please right click on their names above and copy the email address into your e-mail tool.

14 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hello, I have some cherry wood? that was the side of an amoire style Subzero refrigerator I would like to see that it gets a good home. Is anyone interested? I live near 9th street and 42nd ave north. number 305 336 4247

  2. Hi, ,y name is Audrey and I am helping an 85 yr. old neighbor sell everything in her home to move North near her children. Her late husband has left hundreds and hundreds of woodworking books in pristine condition we need to sell and I wondered if anyone in your club would be interested in buying them. We have many sets but hundreds of loose books also. We have 30 Taunton Press books (not magazines) that some of them she and I took out of packages (never opened) Everything he has is in new condition and trust me he has books on everything wood. Please contact me at 352-688-7211. Thanks so much.

  3. I have red cedar boards for sale. They are 8 to 9 feet long 3/4+thick 6 inch wide 1.00$ pre foot 8inch wide 1.25 per foot and 10 inch wide 1.50.$ per foot if interested please call Ron at 727 851 2818 thank you.

    • Mike,
      Yes, we’re active. Our meetings are the fourth Tuesday of every month, except December. We welcome all levels of woodworkers and encourage you to join us on May 26th. Our meetings are held at the Grace Lutheran Church in St. Petersburg, starting at 7 pm.


  4. I’m a winter resident of Clover Leaf Farms in Brooksville. Is there any club in my area or is St Pete the closest? Cathy Godfrey

  5. Hello,
    Our company is located in Saint Petersburg and we sell little wood boxes. We recently moved here from Ohio and our supplier was able to fill our orders and ship in a doable amount of time, however moving here has put us at a disadvantage with that. So we are looking for someone who can build this box for us , that is local for an affordable price. We currently do 2,000 pieces a year, but plan on growing that number. I have included our website so you can see our number one product and can provide a sample of the box so we can get an accurate assessment of quality and price for those who are interested. If you can ask within your group and have the appropriate interested parties bid and contact me on this project.
    Thanks so much,
    IDI Promotions, Inc.

  6. hi there,
    about 2 years ago i was in correspondence with someone in st. pete about making some mill cuts on slabs of live oak. i have kept two large chunks that i hope to cut for use as butchers’ blocks. can you put me in contact with someone who has that kind of equipment? i live in west palm beach and no one over here does that kind of thing.
    stephen futej

  7. I was wondering if anyone would be able to make a replica of the White Oak Stake from The Vampire Diaries / The Originals for me. Let me know as soon as possible, thank you!

  8. Hello, I’m looking for someone who can cut down a walnut veneer (green ply core) cabinet door from 14.25″ wide to 12.75″ wide and finish the edge. Cut edge will need walnut edge veneer tape and clear finish. I live in south St. Pete but am willing to bring the door up to as far north as Clearwater. Please email me and we can discuss cost.

  9. Hi I had to cut down a pretty old oak tree in my backyard this last weekend. It’s cut into slices of various sizes and all are free to a good home. Feel free to text me for additional information, pictures, etc. Aubrey 727-507-1929

  10. Hello. I was looking for a pattern for the Flappy Duck Push Toy, and found your Web site. I have tried several times to print it, and I know it says it’s a PDF, but I keep getting a message that it is a corrupt file and won’t print. Is there anyway possible someone could email it to me, or send a link to another one I could print out? Thank you so much!

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