The May Offcuts is out

OK, folks, it’s time to click on this link to read the May 2014 Edition of Offcuts.  In this edition, you will find:

May 2014 offcuts

  • Why pine is perfectly fine for woodworking projects
  • How Mike Fucile got all hot and steamy with the wood he used to build a gracefully curved chair.
  • Get the results of the Guild’s annual 2 x 4 building contest!

We’ll see you at the next Guild meeting!

One thought on “The May Offcuts is out

  1. Hello, I am looking to get a small finial(?) made to replace one lost during a move. It appears very basic and I would be happy to send a picture if you all think you could help me. I’d be happy to pay of course. Please let me know if that is something you all could help me with ( or maybe you know someone who can).
    Thank you, Tom Kilpatrick

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