Woodworking Safety Day

Today is Woodworking Safety Day. Each year, online woodworking dynamo Marc Spagnuolo of the Wood Whisperer site holds this event to remind woodworkers around the country – and the world – about the importance of shop safety.

Woodworking Safety Day 2013

Oh, boy, here we go again. The same tired talk our shop teachers used to give us back in high school or the mantra Norm Abram used to recite before he got to the good stuff on the New Yankee Workshop.

Yeah, that may be the case. But, it’s critical that we don’t lose sight of the importance of shop safety – even if it is for only one day a year. We have no problem thinking about tools, projects and techniques the rest of the year, so consider this a small investment in making your experience a more pleasant one.

Safe woodworking is a mustWhile this could easily become an event where the latest and greatest safety gadgets and gee-gaws are hawked, the most important safety device you bring to the shop is already between your ears. Take the time out to think before you cut.  Is the work properly secured? Are my hands going to get too close to the blade?  Did I put the safety gear back on the tool just in case something happens?

Just a few seconds of preparation can save days, weeks or even months of recovery later. Remember, woodworking is a great, enjoyable pastime… it shouldn’t be practice for your local paramedic.

Check out Marc’s site to see the safety entries that have been written today. No doubt you will find a nugget of safety information that may make the difference in y our shop.

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