Prepare for the picnic

Its spring in Florida, which typically means bright, dry skies, warm temperatures and the last gasp of a breeze before we enter the oppressive summer heat. It’s also the perfect time to get outdoors and enjoy the company of other woodworkers.

A shot from the picnicThat’s exactly what we are looking forward to at the St. Petersburg Woodcrafters Guild picnic at noon on Saturday, May 18. We are meeting at shelter seven at Lake Seminole Park starting at 11 a.m.  for a great chance to relax, eat some awesome food and swap some tall woodworking tales!

The guild will provide hot dogs and condiments for everyone to enjoy. We are also asking for members (and visitors, if they are so inclined) to bring a dish to share. This is the perfect opportunity to show off your skill in the kitchen as well as the shop!

Last year’s event had a great carving competition while we were kicking back and having some fun in the sun, and there are plans for more exciting events this year.
A water view in Lake Seminole Park
Lake Seminole Park is a 250 acre county facility easily accessible to  bustling Seminole, Largo, Pinellas Park and St. Petersburg. The shelter we have reserved has a beautiful view of Lake Seminole, and is yards away form convenience facilities, parking and so much more.

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