Why a 2 x 4 contest?

In the last edition of Offcuts, it was announced that the guild is hosting a 2 x 4 building contest.  And, I’m sure that for many of you, this might make you want to yawn. After all, aren’t all 2 x 4 building contests just a bunch of nonsense?

Not so fast. The fun about these building contests is that everyone starts on a level playing field. Sure, some woodworkers can get their hands on gorgeous fiddleback maple or other exotic wood. But, how much does that cost?  At many hardwood suppliers, beautiful timbers like these fetch a premium price, and certainly make the finished project look like a million dollars.

Snakewood is very expensive

Snakewood is very expensive

But, the ubiquitous construction grade 2 x 4 can be had for a song (well, maybe about three dollars at the local home improvement center), and provides roughly the same amount of wood for each of the contestants.

What will set each of these projects apart is the creativity, skill and imagination of the builder. What can you do with the raw material?  Turn. Scroll. Carve. Join. Slice. Dice. Julienne. Whatever you can think of, you can build.

Yes. This table from a 2 x 4

Yes. This table from a 2 x 4

And, if you are stuck for ideas, go online and take a peek at what others have done. While you many not want to build a reproduction of what someone else has done, you certainly can get inspiration from the works of others.

Who knows?  One day, someone might search for your work online and be inspired by it!

One thought on “Why a 2 x 4 contest?

  1. That table is mighty cool !
    And it’s fun having everyone start out with the same lumber.
    Can’t wait to see some of the entries.

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