Show and tell…

No, this isn’t a tribute to Al Wilson’s 1973 pop hit.  Although, that wasn’t a bad song…

Instead, this is a tribute to the members of the St. Petersburg Wood Guild who bring in the projects they build. At each meeting, some time is taken out for members to strut their stuff and show the quality work they have done.

At last night’s meeting, we were treated to many of the projects built and displayed at the Florida State Fair’s woodworking competition.  In addition to the beautiful work, there was also a large collection of ribbons… red second place, blue first place and even the best of show. Congratulations to everyone who entered.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s a sampling of some of the work on display.

Cedar boxesA unique circular box with a domed lid

A cute little jewelry box


A CNC carved Mayan calendar... And, no, the world didn't end!A blue-ribbon winning ukeleleAnd, this gorgeously detailed locomotive crafted by guild member Charlie Kested took best of show. This isn’t something Charlie isn’t unfamiliar with – this is his SIXTH best of show award at the Florida State Fair… Way to go, Charlie! 

The piece that won best of show...

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