Rude and Crude

At January’s meeting, guild Vice President Tom Iovino offered to do a presentation on a finishing technique that he uses. Called the Rude and Crude technique, he learned about it from Maryland woodworker Dave Knipfer, known for his exquisite wooden boxes.

It’s a multi step process that can be finished in a relatively short time, and uses basic ingredients that can be found in just about any home improvement center or hardware store.

Take a look and see if this might be a finishing regimen you can use in your shop.

By the way, here are the steps:

  • Sand the piece down, starting at 80 grit and progressing to 150.
  • Brush off the worst of the dust
  • Apply a one pound (1#) cut of shellac. Let dry.
  • Sand board aggressively with 320 or 400 grit sand paper
  • If you want to stain or dye the piece, this is the time.  Let dry.
  • Apply your top coat of choice

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