The day at the Folk Festival

Under the bright Florida sun, and with the thermometer showing a balmy 75 degrees, today was the perfect day for the Heritage Village Folk Festival. And, in the Harris School, the St. Petersburg Woodcrafters Guild was set up with a variety of activities to demonstrate classic cordless woodworking techniques.

The bench covered in camphor curls

Demonstrating some planing

At a large bench, there was some hand planing of aromatic camphor wood. As ribbons of fragrant wood flew into the air, the scent attracted many people in to see the activity.

Showing off the shaving horse

Work that drawknife

A shaving horse at the front door greeted guests as they entered, showcasing the power and versatility of the very old yet very effective combination of a shaving horse and drawknife.  Of course, some of the younger visitors had to try their hand at the skill.

The Treadle Powered scroll saw

Across the room from the bench, an exhibit of a hand powered drill press and a treadle powered scroll saw was being put to the test.

Drill, Baby Drill!

Successful sawing means smiles

A small hand tool setup was at a table for visitors. And, I say small, because a lot of kids were stopping by to try using the brace and bit and the miter box.  The excitement was contagious!

The urns for indigent veterans

At the back door of the school house, the Guild’s service project – a set of urns being made for indigent veterans – was on display, and garnered a tremendous amount of attention.

Andy Gibson demonstrating his Ukelele

Since the Folk Festival was mostly a salute to music – in addition to crafts – it was only appropriate that master ukelele maker Andy Gibson took the opportunity to showcase and play his gorgeous instruments.

The guild’s exhibit attracted a great deal of attention, and several people said they would be at the next guild meeting.  Not a bad outing on such a gorgeous winter day in Florida.

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