Scenes from the January Guild meeting

Just last night, the St. Petersburg Woodcrafters Guild held its January meeting, the first with the 2013 board at the helm, and what a meeting it was.

Folks at the meetingWe nearly had a full house at the meeting, with six guests who were attending their first meeting, and a bunch of other members who hadn’t been to one of the meetings in several months. As people poured into the meeting hall, there was an electricity in the air.

Man of them had found the guild’s revamped website, Facebook and Twitter pages, and decided the would swing on by to take a peek at what was going on.

President Dale Neff calling the meeting ot order

President Dale Neff called the meeting to order shortly after 7, and the meeting began with a report from each of the board members about what they were working on. The members were excited to hear about some upcoming events, ideas that the guild will be working on later in the year, and a quick mention about the items available for loan at the guild’s library.

The best part of the night was the show and tell section. there were some great projects that were brought in to show off. From ukeleles to sliding table saw fences to a massive work bench to delicate carvings, there were some great projects to see.

A clever table saw sled

Tony Richardson of Viable Lumber showing off some carvings

Delicate turnings made from locally harvested wood

A massive and expertly crafted Shaker style workbench

After a quick coffee and donut break, guild Vice President Tom Iovino walked through the Rude and Crude finishing method, breaking it down from surface preparation to sealing, finishing and the final details.  A video was taken of Tom doing his thing, and when it is ready, we will post it along with the recipe and steps for each of you to enjoy.

Tom shows off the scraper he uses on projects

The meeting broke shortly after 9, and many of the guild members remarked how energetic the entire meeting was. Now, this Saturday morning, the Guild will take its show on the road to Heritage Village for the annual Folk Festival. Be sure to stay tuned for pictures and stories from that event.

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