The new Offcuts is out!

Since the very early days of the St. Petersburg Woodcrafters Guild, one of the most important ways we have communicated with our members has been through our monthly newsletter.

Well, today, the January 2013 edition of the guild’s official newsletter – Offcuts – has been released.

January 2013 Offcuts

(Click on the image to read the newsletter in PDF format)

In it, you will find:

  • A message from President Dale Neff
  • Upcoming programs
  • Your newly elected Board Members
  • Updates on Heritage Village and an article on the Guild Library
  • Christmas Party, Show & Tell, What are you working on, and New & Improved
We hope you enjoy the latest and the greatest news on guild happenings!



One thought on “The new Offcuts is out!

  1. I really have a tendency to go along with almost everything that
    was written in “The new Offcuts is out! | St. Petersburg Woodcrafters Guild”.
    Thanks for pretty much all the actual details.
    Thank you,Devon

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