Join us at the Folk Festival

Deep in the heart of Pinellas County is Heritage Village, a 21 acre village that is like taking a step back in time. Heritage Village is Pinellas County’s historical park and county archive, featuring 28 historic structures from different times in the history of the area surrounding St. Petersburg and Clearwater on Florida’s west coast.

Heritage Village's general storeFrom 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. on Saturday, January 26, Heritage Village is hosting its annual Folk Festival. While the event is billed as an outstanding collection of bluegrass, folk and other kinds of music, there are lots more things happening. Yummy food. Storytellers. Traditional craft exhibits.The Harris School at Heritage VillageAnd, in the Harris School building, your St. Petersburg Woodcrafters Guild will be setting up shop to demonstrate some hands-on woodworking from bygone eras – that is also still being done in many shops today.

2013's Guild President Dale Neff working on a spring pole latheThe purpose of the event is to let people know about the work our guild does, but it seeks to accomplish so much more. The day’s work provides an opportunity for visitors to Heritage Village to be exposed to woodworking, and to discover the excitement that comes with working with your hands to create a piece of craft.

Getting the next generator of woodworkers excited about the craftLast year was the first where the guild participated, and the Harris School was one of the busiest places on the property. Visitors had a chance to hand plane, check out a spring pole lathe and try their hand at working on a shaving horse. The most exciting part was when the youngest visitors picked up some tools to show their skill.

If you find yourself near Heritage Village on the 26th, be sure to swing by and pay us a visit!

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