5 thoughts on “Next Meeting: 7 p.m. January 27

  1. I attend the recent Folk Fest at Heritage Village and discovered your group there. I am down from Michigan for the winter and am planning on attending the Feb. meeting.
    Here is a question for you – My brother cut down an unusual tree on his property last winter. I asked him to save the trunk for me and whiel I am here I would like to get it sawn into boards but I don’t know where to get this done. The trunk is about 4 foot long and 12 inches in diameter. I am not sure if it is any good but would like to see. I make small boxes so I could probably get something out of it. Let me know what you think. Thanks

    • Rich,
      If you have a bandsaw, that log is probably not too big to resaw on the bandsaw. You may have to make a cut on one side to achieve a relatively flat surface to rest on the table first, but a 14 inch saw with a riser block will cut close to a 12 inch diameter. Using a sled and both infeed and outfeed tables will make it an easier project. I hope we get to see you at the meeting

  2. I’m getting married in November, and was looking to either have a wood sign with our names on it for guest to sign as a guest book or a slice of wood that has the glassy look to it that people could sign. I know nothing about wood or where to look. I’m looking for an unqiue wedding guest book. Can you help?

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