What the heck was that?

Sorry, folks, but the guild’s website went down unexpectedly for a month or so. There was some kind of snafu with the company that hosts our domain name. Basically, it was as if we were still here, but no one could reach us by phone!

Now that is resolved, we’d like to let you know more about a big event coming up at Heritage Village, Pinellas County’s historical park. On Saturday, January 25, the guild will be doing some woodworking demonstrations at the Harris School during the annual Folk Fest.

ImageWe have been there the past few years, and it has been a great time. We have showed visitors how old tools work, what our guild is up to and why we love the craft so much.

This year, we are also building a workbench for the village, so visitors to the park will be able to see just how important woodworking has been through the years.

If you are interested in coming along, please contact Vice President Tom Iovino and let him know. You can e-mail him at tom@tomsworkbench.com.

Get your November Offcuts

Come one, come all and read the November edition of Offcuts, the St. Petersburg Woodcrafters Guild newsletter.

November 2013 OffcutsIn this month’s edition, read about:

  • The upcoming green challenge, where guild members can make awesome projects from previously-used materials.
  • The big Jim Heavey Day at Infinity Cutting Tools
  • How guild members can win fabulous prizes in the Last Minute Elf challenge.

And, remember, the guild’s holiday party is coming up on December 11, so be sure to pick up your tickets ($8 per person) at the upcoming meeting.  See you there!

Jim Heavey is coming to town

He is one of the most recognizable faces in the online community, and he’s coming to the Tampa Bay area for a day of instruction.  The guild is proud to announce that Jim Heavey, Contributing Craftsman to Wood Magazine, will be hosting classes at the shop at Infinity Cutting Tools in Oldsmar on Saturday, December 7.

Jim Heavey is coming!Join Jim as he shares some of his favorite tips for embellishing wood projects and laying down a picture perfect finish.

Woodworker in residence Kurt Raschke will demonstrate how he bends project components using a vacuum press, and guild member Andy Gibson demonstrates some of his fancy instrument building techniques.

Registration for this event will be $49.90 per person, with the proceeds helping to defray the cost of this outstanding opportunity.  Click this link to sign up at Infinity Tools!

A harvest of news in September

It’s hard to believe we are coming to the end of September. With the arrival of autumn – and the promise of cooler air and the return of our northern friends – woodworking is about to kick into high gear.

Sept 2013 OffcutsAnd, just in time for our next meeting, get the latest and greatest news from the St. Petersburg Woodcrafters Guild. Here’s what’s in the September Edition of Offcuts:

  • Guild President Dale Neff gets an education on wood eating bugs
  • Why the silent auctions at the guild meetings are benefiting the guild
  • Just what is the Last Minute Elf?

Get this and tons more information in the latest edition of Offcuts.


Get your August Offcuts!

Ok, everyone, the August 2013 Offcuts is here for your viewing pleasure.  We are definitely in the middle of the summer, and things are definitely warming up at the Guild.

Aug 2013 OffcutsIn this edition, find out:

  • What’s bugging Guild President Dale Neff
  • How the presentation at the August meeting can help you build the guild build-along project
  • How a donations of tools has helped further the mission of the guild

Oh, and we’ll see you at the August guild meeting!

What’s the plan, man?

One of the most important things that the woodworkers at the St. Petersburg Woodcrafters Guild is a commitment to service. When it comes to service, the guild’s Christmas Toy committee has it hands down. Many of the guild members take the time to build projects for deserving kids.

A gift any child would love...

Over the years, the guild has had a number of plans produced for the committee to build. Perhaps, if you wanted to this year, you might want to try your hand at building some of them.

For your building pleasure, here are links to the plans:

Judging from this list, there are plans for just about every skill level. It’s still early in the year… why not consider building one of these for a deserving kid – whether you know them or not?



Get your July 2013 Offcuts!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!  Get your copy of the July 2013 Offcuts!

July 2013 Offcus

In it, you will discover how well the guild members did on their 2 x 4 contest entries and how member Andy Gibson builds his beautiful guitars and ukeleles.

We also have a great second half of the year planned, starting at the July meeting.

  • Get a briefing on some of the most popular woods being used by King of the Woods himself, President Dale Neff
  • Learn about the guild build-along project that starts this month
  • See how the guild is preparing to help with Heritage Village on the caboose and new boat house.

There’s a lot happening, so be sure to find out more!